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Barrie Vascular Imaging now offers testing for CCSVI in our laboratory.  This testing is a screening for Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency.  A referral from a physician is required.

Dr. Zamboni’s research has discovered that Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency is common in patients with MS.  He has also researched and performed what is named the “Liberation Treatment” with some promising results. 

The “Liberation Treatment” is angioplasty of the narrowed veins impeding drainage of the cerebral veins. 

Dr. Sandy McDonald is communicating closely with Dr. Zamboni’s group and other centres here in Canada and the USA.  A multi-national research study is being discussed and formulated, before extensive intervention can be offered to patients.  Once the particulars for this study are available, we will post the criteria needed for patients to participate.  

We understand how this news has given MS patients much hope, but we ask that you be very patient, as further study needs to be done to ensure we are offering patients effective diagnostic and safe treatment.  We ask that you refer to our website for updates and refer to links listed below for further information, instead of calling the office or laboratory, as we are being inundated with calls, making it difficult to continue our services to all our patients.







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